Use these high converting Animated banners on your website,blog or email promotions in order to assist your marketing promotions

All you need to do is :
  • 1.Insert your clickbank affiliate id in the box below
  • 2.(Optional) insert your TID (if you want sale tracking)in the box below
  • 3.Click On the "Generate Affiliate Linking Code Buttton"
  • 4.Click on any banner and a prompt will jump up containing the image with your affiliate clickbank linking code attached to it
  • 5.Copy the code from the PROMPT text box and paste it to the location on your website where you want to show the banner.
  • You can also ignore these steps and simply right click on the banner,save it to your computer and upload it to your website.
  • Your Clickbank Affiliate ID:
    Clickbank TID (Optinal):
    Your Affiliate Linking Code:

    These banner cover the main niches you should focus on. General Movie Downloads,"Ipad Movie Downloads" , "Iphone Movie Downloads", "Ipad Movie Downloads" , "MP4 Movie Downloads" In addition you can send us PC,MAC,PSP,ARCHOS traffic as it is also supported by Imoviesclub.
    Animated Banners 120 x 60

    Animated Banners 120 x 214

    Animated Banners 200 x 200

    Animated Banners 250 x 250

    Animated Banners 290 x 80

    Animated Banners 250 x 250

    Animated Banners 728 x 90

    Animated Banners 300 x 250

    Animated Banners 468 x 60

    Animated Banners 234 x 60

    Animated Banners 160 x 600

    Animated Banners 470 x 452

    Animated Banners 218 x 140

    Animated Banners 120 x 600

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